Brest feeding....

Anybody suggest me regarding increasing breast milk. My breasts are not producing enough milk for my baby.

    Keep nursing whether you think your supply is dwindling or not, your baby is getting some still. Try nursing more often, eat oatmeal and try some mothers milk tea - it doesn't taste that great but helps your supply.
      8Theresa Gould
      Fenugreek and Fennel are suppose to be good for increasing milk supply, so is getting enough rest. But your baby is just 5 days old, your milk could still be coming in so just keep nursing Pradiksya on demand and you should start to see and feel a difference in your milk supply.

      I'd like to encourage you to not give up, keep going, because you can do this. When is your next check up? Your baby will probably be weighed then and that will be a good time to access if she is getting enough.
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