this will be my 5th child and i have had 1 c-section 1- vbac 1-emergency c-section AND my little angel mariah (stillborn) v-bac i know i am considered as high -risk because of everything that happened with mariah but i am glad she gave me another v-bac and i was actually hoping for another and water birth i might sound crazy too my doctors because they will only look at my health information from mariah and say NO they are not taking any chances but i really dont want another c-section and i have seen other moms give birth with a couple of health issues and c-sections under their belt so why should i be treated differently i would love the chance especially since this will be are last one i know they would be ready for anything if it was too happen and i know they are thinking about me and the baby health but i would want the chance just makes me feel a certain kind of way

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    I agree with the others. There are a few doctors out there that will do vbacs but they are getting becoming less and less due to malpractice insurance. Some midwives are more open to vbacs, depending on their comfort level and experience.
      I agree with the other posters. If having a VBAC is super important to you then I would suggest looking into a more VBAC friendly doctor. I'm so very sorry for your loss.
        THANK YOU LADIES that's what i will do then I LOVE MY DOCTOR NOW he was there with my youngest but i know what i want :)
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