Bullying advice that finally makes sense.

Turn the other cheek. Tell the bully to stop.

No, it doesn't work. Ignoring bad behavior does not always stop it, it can make it worse and the lasting effects on the victims psyche can be terrible.

So, what advice do you give to the victim of a bully?

Report it.

What advice do we give the schools?

Do something about it.

How do you feel about how bullying is handled in school? When you were in school, what was the official policy? Were you ever bullied and what stopped it? Have your children ever been bullied?


    Since it's fess up Friday I will confess that when I was younger I was a bully...by the time I was 12 I was kind of, sort of, actually in a gang...something I'm totally not proud of but I was a troubled kid in an area of California that The Bloods were taking over and they recruited me. Gosh, no one but my Mom knew that until now! I know for me none of those things would have made me stop bullying. I honestly hated pretty much everyone and didn't care what happened to me. Most of my fellow bullies were the same way. I think you have to catch a bully super young and get to the root of why they are that way. There are some people that are just mean but typically if a bully starts young there is an underlying issue. And I am also all for makin the bully be held accountable...no matter what their reason is for bullying. It's important to make bullies learn that they are responsible for their actions no matter what is going on in the rest if their life. That is one thing that my Mom taught me that I am so thankful for. You may be angry and bitter but you don't get an excuse to act how you want.
    The school did that with me. I am so thankful my parents moved us out of there. I mean the family stuff didn't get any better but they moved us to a place where the only thing we had was church which ended up not backfiring on them. Lol
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