I know that all of us moms are from all over the US but I could use some prayers for guidance, for financial stability because my time is running out and Im not allowed to stay with my parents as a temporary arrangement anymore, no money because my job still hasn't started yet, so I need prayers for guidance to help me figure that one out and a miracle to get money.

Speaking of prayers, do you pray with your kids at night or during the day?

    8Theresa Gould
    Praying. We usually pray with our boys at night, but I often pray during my drive in the morning.
      Laura-I don't know. (long story short I temporarily moved to my parents house because of my brother in law moving in uninvited and that just doesn't work with a two bedroom apt and my husband and our two kids). We are working on getting a rental house but have to have all the funds for it so Im not sure what I am going to do come Aug 15th. My parents want us out...they are done. I don't know when the job is starting. It keeps getting delayed so I am back to the drawing board except my work from home jobs that are based on commission only right now which no sales yet.
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      Love being a mom. Hoping to start my work from home job soon. My husband and I will be married 9 years next week