Sometimes, my husband is angry with me for any trivial reason, and take our son outside for some period of time. I ask you, should i be worried about it or it is OK? thx

what can you being a mom, suggest to it normal for hubbies to do like that...have you ever faced such situation,,,,,I am feeling strange by now....thanks

    If he takes him out just to play or cool off like Laura said then I wouldn't worry too much. Maybe just enjoy the alone time. Your husband may even think that you need some quiet time. Men are funny creatures sometimes.
      my husband is angry on me because i sometimes do not obey him in the way he wants he becomes angry. In reaction, he invites our son only to accompany him and usually they go to see a movie. In normal situation, we go together. Hope, you understand the situation. when he is angry and go with our son, he never lets me know where they are i am worried ....thanks
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