Are You Emergency Ready at Home?

We should all take the time to do fun drill safety practices at home just in case any kind of an emergency arises.This can help us provide a more prepared calm approach with our little ones Attached are some helpful safety tips, books and guidelines to help guide us through making an effective plan. One of them is based out of West Virginia but has an extensive safety planning strategy with national info. please feel free to share anything you have too.……

    We actually do have a plan. We have never done a drill or anything but we have thought about it.
      You're welcome :-) Yes, we haven't done a drill yet and we are beginning our preparations as this idea presented itself to us just recently and I just felt I should share this because I found it helpful for me. It's not something I thought too much about but prior but I figured better to be safe than sorry to help develop the little ones minds with practice at home so if they go to any daycare or not this wont be too unfamiliar and easy to grasp. I truly believe our children need to know and feel we are their protectors and they should feel safe, secure and trust us to do so. If your children have a child care provider of any kind they need to have their safety drills in place and the little ones should be introduced an understanding from us all about What, Why, When and How if ever needed. I pray we are all prepared and never have to be faced with anything too serious.
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