I feel like it is hard to find someone who is willing to date a single Mom. I wish guys were more understanding.

    The right guy will come too you. I was a single mom and I thought id never find someone who would except me for me but except my son. Just give it time and youll find someone who wouldn't dream of turning away your or your child. But its vice versa not a lot of girls want to date a single guy with a kid either. IT take a special kind of person to love someone as well as love a child that's not theres. You'll find someone, when the time is right he will come, but right now just focus on being an amazing mom and raising your little boy into the man you want him to be.
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    I am a single Mom to a 2 year old boy named Dennis. He has some delays and he has a hearing issue but he are working on those. I am here looking for a play group to get my son to interact with other kids.