During pregnancy do you read/sing/talk to your baby?

I always felt a little funny singing or reading to my baby when I was pregnant. I did talk to each of my babies during pregnancy. My husband always felt weird talking to the baby.

During pregnancy do you read, sing or talk to your baby? Does your spouse?

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    I played music often for my lil man as grew in my belly. Mark and I spoke to him more towards mid-later stages. I tried singing and felt silly at first but then again I also felt like it was our little moment. I would rub my belly as I would speak to him and just let him know how much i loved him and couldn't wait to see him and hold him. Aaaahhh such beautiful moments to remember :-)
      I never read to him but I would sing to him all the time and I was always talking to him. I sing a lot though and I talk to myself a lot so I actually felt less silly when I was pregnant. When I got caught talking to myself people just assumed I was talking or singing to baby :-)
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