Back from the doctors

The doctor said my blood test showed I was 7 weeks pregnant. But the placenta and baby didn't form. He gave me pills called Cytotec have any of you taken this before.? Is there a natural way to help my body go through this? Or should I just take the pills?

    I'm sorry.
    I personally would not the pill. There is always a chance the ultrasound could not see the baby, or hear the heartbeat. Your body will take care of it if there is no baby.
      So sorry to hear Tiffany. I have been through this and I have taken medicine to help expel the sac. I was told it was just a sac no baby. You can let your body to the work without medication or take the medication and know that its' safe giving you peace of mind that you will soon getting back to normal. You should follow up and do another ultrasound to make sure everything is back to normal. Hugs.
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