I don't know if y'all believe in this stuff:

but I love chatting with psychics. Even though I know their word isn't law, sometimes it's just interesting.. ANYWAY...She was able to ease my heart about the babies I've lost and the fact that she sees me getting pregnant by the end of the year AND DELIVERING in 2015 (meaning she thinks I will carry to term.)

She also said she saw our financial situation getting a lot better in about 6 weeks, which would be amazing.

We talked about a couple other things, but it was really cool. It may not be 'real' but it helped to ease my heart.

    Whatever helps comfort you and helps you relax will only increase your chances of getting pregnant :-) whatever works right?
      That's awesome, Kimberley. I think some of them can be scammy, but some people seem to have a true gift. If it helps, it helps!
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