Homeschooling, do you or will you?

Do you home school your child, or plan to home school them? Do you have specific reasons for doing so? I know lots of families do so because of religious reasons or their child has special needs that school can't meet.

I have thought about it with my son, mainly because of his special needs. I would like to get him into a school that focuses on children with high functioning autism, like his. In the area we live in this is very expensive, and I don't want to move while Mini is finishing up her last few years of high school.

So, what are your thoughts on home schooling?

    I'm going to be putting Clara through K12, online public schooling. They have part time and full time options. She'll be going full time by first or second grade. She'll stay at home and do all of her academics online, but she can do any after school activities she wants because she'll still be part of a public school system. I decided to do this because it's more academically focused due to the one on one learning environment. And because too many public schools are going down the drain. You pay just as much if not less as a public school, but won't have to pay for school lunches, school supplies, school clothes, etc. because the child goes to school at home. They can pick how many lessons they want to do from day to day. It's entirely centered around the child and how they learn. I want school to be about learning, not gossip, bullying, what clothes she's wearing, dating. She can deal with that stuff outside of school, not during school.
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