No Tolerance Policy

Many schools have what they call a no tolerance policy against fighting. This sounds good, right?

Well, not so much.

If your child is in a fight, no matter if they started it or not they will get suspended. This is the zero tolerance policy. There is no tolerance for the situation, it's just suspension.

Are you surprised? Welcome to the world of zero tolerance policy.

Not every school subscribes to this though. It is thought that these types of policies eventually encourage kids to drop out of school. I will link an article below about a school who has stopped the zero tolerance policy and has found their graduation rates to be much higher since doing so.

What are your thoughts on this type of policy? Should both kids in a fight be suspended? Should they be suspended at all? What can or should be done differently, if anything at all?…

    I personally disagree with the zero tolerance policies because as stated correctly- it is Not conducted fairly. I'm happy to hear about the changes made and awesome results in the Baltimore school and agree more school districts nationally and internationally should follow. High school is difficult enough with going through changes within yourself going into adolescence etc. In my opinion since an educational facility's responsibility is to be sure our children are being educated-If and when a fight/misconduct between students etc. take place I do feel it's important to get to the root of the problem by speaking to the students and any possible witnesses around (with an option to be anonymous). Offering students the ability to come forward anonymously by maybe sending a letter to the household of enrolled students and the local district communities overall (creating the awareness of such program) prior to school starting and/or maybe even over the daily morning announcements made on the speaker systems-even if presented in a manner as a "student assistance program" just many employers offer "Employee Assistance Programs". I believe this could help conclude the true student needing some sort of disciplinary action beginning with a warning, and alternative options along with those possibly not needing disciplinary action and instead a source of guidance.

    High School is a time when students truly start to think more about their future and I agree and can see how handling crucial situations such as these in the unsuccessfully proven method of "zero tolerance" can contribute to the prevention /distraction or discourage our children's learning abilities or even create fear of retaliation etc.whether on or off school campus occurring. Positive Reinforcement in my belief is an effective strategy in the development of our children. These misconducts are a true opportunity for the Leaders of the schools to be just that.... "A Leader" and educate by "Leading By Example" by showing other ways to handle both minor and major situations among students. Implementing Positive Reinforcement can also educate students on another level by the actions taken demonstrating some roles of careers the students could pursue in categories such as Mediators, Counselor/Therapists, Officers, Investigators, Advisors, Mentors, Teachers, along with Military just to name a few- All by creating a more positive and effective outcome that allows students to feel valued and able to trust the personnel responsible for their education and safety while on campus. Of course, it must begin at home as it's not the responsibility of School Staff to raise our children.
    More and more police officers are being called to work on many of these school campuses and Just another thought- As part of hours volunteered/internships, etc. as some specific career positions require-prior to permanently hired on the force- Maybe some of these government officials/personnel could lend a hand by educating the students in need of "Discipline" or "An Introduction to Reality" as to what trouble they could get into lawfully along with explaining and/or showing them the processes they could face if things don't change and how it could severely effect their future and goals they aspire for, as many young adults do not usually think of that or may not believe or understand how it truly could effect them

    Just another idea that came to mind, possibly as an alternative to currently practiced discipline, I believe it could be beneficial to do physical boot camp style or school community service as disciplinary action during classes such as Home Room, Phys.Ed, and/or their Free Period class used to study etc. rather than sitting in a small cubicle style room facing a wall. Again these are just ideas. I apologize for the lengthy response.
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