Letting dads be dads.

Moms, how many times have you hestitated to leave your baby or your children alone with dad, because you felt he can't care for your baby or child like you? Yes Moms tend to offer their children closeness, comfort and a sense of togetherness, but dads on the other hand, play in a way that resembles an apprenticeship, a sense of belonging to a team and a feeling of competence. A dad encourages baby to learn new skills, to compete and to push against the limits of his/her limits. So moms the next time you want to go away for the day or the weekend, let dads be dads!

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      I trusted my hubby once he had a trial day where I was just out and by the phone so I could come back if he needed me. Now I MAY come home to find my son in some interesting clothing from time to time - like the time I came home to find him using a jumper suit as a jacket lol but he does an ok job. Maybe could be a little less in front of the TV and more interactive with the baby but I know the baby is happy enough with his daddy!
        Dennis flat out told me he didn't want to watch the babies, but once they have gotten older he is a lot easier at talking into letting me run to the store without them. Although he will not take care of Eva if she has an accident. But even with Grace he has already told me to leave her for a five minute run to the post office. So he's getting better at it.
          Susan Joslin
          Nope. I can't leave Junior with dad because dad doesn't change diapers or clothes. He doesn't even know what to give him for a snack. Junior takes nexuim every day. I have tried to get hubby to mix and and give it to Junior a few times so he will know how to do it if, God forbid, something happens to me. Nope... won't have anything to do with giving him his meds.
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