It's Been Busy lol

it's been pretty hectic around the house lately. Clara is all over the place of course. We went to the beach a couple days ago and she had a good time. Then we got milkshakes at Culver's after our swim which was my favorite part of the day lol. Strawberry and marshmallow creme! It was delicious!

We've just been trying to clean and chill at home. I've put in several more applications and I'm still waiting for something to turn up. Otherwise I've really just been enjoying each day and relaxing as much as I can lol.

While getting a cat is still inconclusive, my mom HAS agreed that instead of a cat, she would accept a bichon frise. Cute, little white fluffy dogs. So if/when we move, I will head to the shelter and see what I can find lol.

Also, I've decided that once I get a new job and get settled in, I'm going to take classes to learn sign language. I think it would open new doors for myself and Clara to learn ASL.

So, big plans here lol. But until then, taking it one day at a time :-)

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