Teen acne treatments?

Poor teens, sometimes they go through the worst stages of having blemishes. My daughter has been lucky so far, knock on wood. She only has to use soap and water on her face to keep the break outs at bay.

There are so many acne products out there though! My friends daughter uses ProActive. I know back in the day we used to use sea breeze, do they even make that anymore? We used to burn the holy heck out of our faces with that stuff.

Did you have any issues with acne as a teen? For those of us with older kids, how do you handle break outs?

    sea breeze is the worst thing you can use on your face. It strips layers off your face. It's only Ok to use to on small pimples but don't use it everyday.
      I recommend seeing a dermatologist if your having that many issues. There could be many factors to why you are having problems. Bar soap is high in alkaline and isn't the same level as our face and body. Acid balance face washes are recommended because they are pH same level as our skin which is 5.5.you also have to be careful on some of the ingredients on the products because, some things they sell actually cause allergies reactions to the skin and companies know you will buy their products
        I mean some products can help but the key is to knowing what ingredients trigger the ance or what type of ance your dealing with to help lessen the effects. Hope that helps.
          I STILL have issues with acne. I have like baby skin....

          ProActiv worked well for me as a teen, though it can be very harsh.

          I asked a woman I know with the most perfect alabaster skin how she does it.

          Do NOT scrub.
          NO abrasive, chemically, anything.
          Dial Antibacterial, unscented.
          Oil free lotion.

          It works!

          Also, .... vagina cream, like for yeast infections. It does WONDERS for me.

          I also like the Clinique toner for acne. It works really well it keeping the shine away too.
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