They'll eat 'em!

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When I was going to one of my first prenatal appointments with Cameron, there was a woman with a daughter almost same age as my daughter. The mom was worried about having another, she asked, "What if my daughter eats her sibling?"

I think at some point, we ask ourselves this question even if we put up an oath not to tell anyone of this horrible thought.

Let me tell you - three little ones - they will not eat each other. Though biting can eventually happen - even though it is rare. Stepping on each other? Hitting each other when having baby temper tantrums, tickling each other because they learned how to wiggle their fingers... the laughter out weighs the fights.

Getting proof of them getting along - isn't easy. I actually had to compose two photos to make a "decent" photo to hang on the wall. It's all good. :)

More children = grows the heart and lots of laughter.

They'll eat 'em!
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