Do you live in a dual religion household?

I would imagine this would be very difficult to deal with when raising children. My guess is that you would let children celebrate both ways (lets say Jewish and Christian) and decide for themselves as they got older.

For families with one religious person and one not I would imagine this would be even more difficult. Unless the non religious parent doesn't care if the children go to church, I could see where this might lead to issues.

Are you a dual religion household?

    Absolutely. My family is full of religion and non-religion... We have atheists, agnostics, Christians, Buddhists, Jews. Not all in the same house, but it's definitely an eclectic bunch. I think communication is key here, and letting children decide for themselves how they wish to celebrate/what they believe.
      My husband is a christian, and I am Asatru. This is difficult in determining what to teach our children. I teach them the historical facts that are common with both religions, and religious aspects of each. When they are able to read and research more, I, even though I am not a christian anymore, want them to read the bible and learn from it, as well as the eddas and the havamal and grow up learning from each so they can make an informed decision. It was biblical-christianity (alot done in the church is not in accordance with the bible) that led me to asatru in the first place, and both religions have value and honor.
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