sometimes i wonder if i can share myself evenly though my kids i only have 3 right now and #4 on the way and i always do something with them i play block and draw and build with my little one i play games card, ps3 Lagos anything my 10 yr old wants and then my princess harmony we do nails color watch girly movies sing its just with another one i feel like i wont have enough time maybe its just my hormones getting too me making me feel like i want too cry lol i am sure its playing a major part but still worried just hope i am always that MOM they want me too be :)

kandiUtica, New York
    7Sherrie Bierman
    just reassure your other kids that you love them just as much as the new baby and that the baby needs your attention more at that time and then take turns playing games or watching movies with them as much as you can. It will all work out in the end.
      thanks ladies i believe it will i think i am just being nervous :)
        I think you'll learn your new groove just fine. The fact you're even thinking about means that you care and it'll all fall into place. Don't worry.
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