hello everybody

its been really hard for me , my husband still not with me he on the list now to be taken to the war ..... I am officially going crazy ...
I don't know what ill do if he leaves .

    Latosha Balkman
    I know how you feel. When my husband deployed, I didn't think I could do anything alone! I had never been separated from him for a whole year! I will say it was hard for the first 2 months, but then I realized I had to take for our children and myself. He wouldn't be able to do his job if he constantly worried about us. I pushed through, and I also had a really good friend that was experiencing what I was. Trust me, you are stronger than you think!
      Oh that sucks! The best thing you can do is just keep yourself busy and make sure you have a support system. Are there other wives in his unit you can talk to?
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