Did anyone's husband/boyfriend help with your baby in the night?

Honestly, my husband never did. I didn't blame him because he worked very hard to support our family and he needed sleep. However, I was very tired from all the breastfeeding, colics and cooking/laundry that I had no energy at all to do something for myself like a pedi. Plus I was a full-time students and sometimes I was like: really, can you help me once in awhile? But he never did.

    Latosha Balkman
    My husband is a soldier, and no matter how tired he was, he would get up in the middle of the night when I was just to exhausted! I also wouldn't wake him at times, because I knew he need rest. I just appreciated that fact that he tired to do as much as possible, even if he was tired.
      That would've driven me up a wall, Elena Voznyuk. I'm sure you handled it better than I would've, as there would have be war in my house at that point... a quiet war, so as to not wake the baby.

      When I was pregnant, hubby and I were discussing us BOTH getting up, so no one felt taken advantage of, no arguments, etc. Sure, it would suck for both of us, but that's one less variable.

      Let's see how that works since he's SO difficult to wake up though...
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