Why you should say yes tonight...

I thought this was a really good read and really accurate. Enjoy!

    I agree with parts of the article, but some of that really didn't sit well with me. Sure, go for yes sometimes. But don't force yourself to reason out why you should have sex like "I'll burn calories." Sure, it's an added benefit, but that's masking over the issue. I think it's better to figure out WHY you don't want to have sex... do you not feel sexy? He doesn't pay enough attention? (Is that candlelight scenario real for most of us? I doubt it.) Hormones messing with your libido?

    I think this is great quick-fix, but a solution that could be detrimental long term.
      8Theresa Gould
      Ha ha.....I agree with most of it. Sometimes it's when we say yes even when we don't feel like it initially that turns out to be one of the best times. ;)
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