starting to feal nausea.

4 weeks along and hope it passes soon. No vomiting yet so that's a plus.

    i don't know if i will get it yet or its just going too come late but i don't have anything now hoping too stay that way my last pregnancy i had too go out too a organic store and buy ginger candy ginger tea and ginger ale it was terrible and i was on 2 different kinds of nausea pills i am hoping this one is going too be better but if its the same then i know its a GIRL but if not then its a BOY so i guess that will be good too find out
      Totally agree with kandi's ginger suggestion. It may pass soon, but it may pick up a little bit before then. Remember to eat and never let your tummy get empty, it seems to make it worse.
        its a normal stage in pregnancy salty crackers it helps settling ur stomach and stay away from spivy food and extra greasy foods they can upset ur stomach and cause u to vomit
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