What do I do?

Jason has been damn near inconsolable. He won't sleep for longer than about an hour. The swing will only work for so long. Even holding him doesn't seem to work. What do I do? I need advice. IDK if it's because he's a preemie, or if it's me b/c I'm way past stressed. He won't sleep without human contact most nights. I feel like I'm dying here. I'm upset because he won't cooperate. I have sacrificed my life and it feels like for nothing b/c I feel like a failure..

    Aw hun, breathe, it'll be okay! Try a warm bath then some calm and comfort aveeno baby lotion, massage lotion thoroughly ( the massage helps a lot) , nurse/feed rock gently til he calms down. Also if he's constipated try rubbing his belly counter clockwise and pedaling his legs like a bicycle.
      I think the first step, from what I know, is to help yourself relax. Babies can feel your emotions, so the calmer you are, the calmer he's likely to be. Keep breathing... This too shall pass. And you're NOT a failure. Motherhood is tough.
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