We all come to a point when we may disagree with our partner,family member, or just anyone important to us while in the presence of our children. How do you handle these situations? Have they escalated into an actual argument? How have your children reacted to what they saw or heard? How did it effect you afterwards?

    I think that's something I will struggle with a bit probably. I'm a pretty argumentative person, but I think in the presence of children I would be more collected and speak through the situation calmly. I remember despising listening to arguments as a kid.
    Lol! i understand. Yes, I definitely understand as depending on the topic could become extremely frustrating. If it's something I could see that would escalate I suggest speaking about it another time, or if it must be spoken about at that time we try to make sure the children can play elsewhere within our vision although I know it's not always possible nor easy. This can be a toughy
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