Some helpful information for toddler meal time must haves/tips I found

1. Toddler Feeding Utensils
What to Look for in Toddler Feeding Utensils

Handles with a special texture or shape. Chunky handles with rubber grips make it simpler for pint-size paws to pick up and hold on to.
The right-size utensils. Most toddler feeding utensils have an age suggestion on the label, so you know you’re getting forks and spoons proportioned just right for your little one’s fingers.

2. Pint-Size Plates and Bowls
What to Look for in Toddler Plates and Bowls

Suction cups underneath, so the bowl can’t be upended. Rubber strips on the bottom are also good, since they keep the bowl from sliding around and slipping off the table.
Cartoon characters and other fun designs will get your tyke psyched for mealtime.
Compartments to keep the peas away from the potatoes — they cut down on the chances of your purist staging a mealtime boycott because the foods on his plate are mingling.

BPA-free plastic. Steer clear of anything with a “7” on the bottom — it means the bowl or plate has bisphenol A in it, which may have harmful effects on your child’s health and learning. Or just look for a “BPA-free” label on the box.

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