DE-STRESS, seriously. Here's how.

“Just relax!” We all hear it, whether we’re planning or not. Not only is chilling out important for trying to conceive, and may be the only thing standing in your way, it’s good for our bodies and minds overall.

Last week I saw SO many posts about everyone being stressed… I guess it’s just that time of year. While I don’t generally like the solution of “throw money at it” since I am pretty frugal, I decided to do some investigation into what would work.

I went and bought some “pamper” items when I had hit my stress threshold, which for me is when I’m yelling all the time, constant anxiety, crying at the drop of a hat, and just not wanting to do anything anymore.

I’d like to share with you because I’m starting to feel a lot better… Some I had, some I bought, but the combination has been magnificent.

Number 1- This hot/cold reusable body wrap thing… I got mine at Books-a-million for only $10. It’s soft material filled with wheat and lavender, so it’s good and weighty. You can put it in the microwave or the freezer and put it on whatever, I loop it over my shoulders while it’s hot. The lavender smell is very calming. I added some lavender drops, and a couple drops of ylang ylang, but it smelled great right out of the package. It really is helping a lot.

Soft, ON SALE, pajamas. I spend like $12 at TJ Maxx to get some amazingly soft comfy pajamas. I don’t know about you, but soft fabric and feeling like I can breathe always help me.

If you’re into some girly pamper sort of stuff too, TJ Maxx has great deals on “spa” stuff. I can’t recommend a good lava rock pumice stone, dead sea lotion, and shea butter infused socks more. You can get all of that for about $10 too.

A PLANNER. Aside from the neck wrap thing, this is one of the most stress relieving things for me. I searched for a week to find the right, cost-effective one, since I k new they’d be on sale for back to school shopping. I found one at Target, a plain black Mead spiral notebook that has monthly and daily planning that starts now and continues all through 2015. $5-9 Planning my week out makes it so much more managable.

VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS. Okay, these I already had, I just committed to taking them more regularly. These are supplements from the health food store that help with anxiety and depression-

Lithium Orotate OR lithium aspartate
Lemon Balm
Valerian Root
St. John’s Wort

I’m talking all of them. Lemon Balm upsets some people’s stomach so be mindful of that. Valerian builds up in your system just like prescription anxiety meds like Xanax do. And it often causes people to have really awesome dreams.

GET HYDRATED. Meg said this about a billion times to me for a little while, but she’s right. It helps. A LOT. I’ve been making a pitcher of white tea and drinking the whole thing through the day. It works for me.

I really hope this helps you mamas who have been stressing out. It at least makes life feel manageable in my opinion.

What other tips do you have to de-stress?

Normally just raw sugar, bu sometimes I do lemons, honey, or throw in a pack or two of a flavored fruity tea--peach has been my go-to lately.

I hope you find one of those wraps!
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