This is a plus sized model?

I am a plus sized lady and one thing that annoys me is seeing clothes targeted for plus sized bodies on models who are clearly average sized. I want to see a beautiful plus sized model who has my body shape in the ad! That way I can get a clearer picture of what to expect the clothing to look like on a curvy woman.

This, to me, is not a plus sized model. She is beautiful, very beautiful. But not plus sized. Thoughts?…

    The thigh gap, agh. No, to me she does NOT look plus sized. Busty, maybe.. but her hips? Those do not look like size 12 hips that the article says they are. I'm glad she's proud of her body, and she is SLIGHTLY bigger for the model world. But she's also skinnier than a LOT of women. I don't see her as plus sized.
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