Pregnancy test... rituals?

When trying to get pregnant, women do crazy things.... Stand on their heads, take every vitamin under the sun, change our diets, lifestyles, everything. We track our cycles, touch our cervixes, pay attention to our vaginal excretions. Admit it, we're weird, lol.

And if we've been trying for a while... I think some of us get weird when we test too.

Some of us test in the morning, others the night.
We may say a prayer before or during.
We may hold our pee for ages, just to make sure the hormones have a chance to build up.
We may only use pink dye or blue dye tests.
We may test on the full moon of every month, I DON'T KNOW, lol.

I take lay out everything on the counter. Say a small prayer. Do the test. Sit it down, close my eyes, and pray some more that everything works out the way it's supposed to. I try not to look at the test until the allotted time is up, just kneel in the bathroom floor with my eyes closed.

Do you have a pregnancy testing ritual?

    I only use pink dye or digital, and I will only test in the morning. I usually pee in to a cup and then test. I also pray/plead the entire time.
      Funny thing about the first morning urine. I have no idea, but I always tested positive first at night! Even though I had drank through the day.... I could get a positive test at night, test again with FMU, and it be negative or extremely faint... then test obviously positive again that night. Beats me.
      That is interesting. Maybe your hormones just surge in the evening, are you a night owl? I wonder if that has something to do with it...?
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