What are the homeschool graduation requirements?

I wanted to open up the discussion about this because I honestly don't know. So forgive my ignorance, but I have a few questions.

Does the child get a diploma? Does it come from the district or how does that work?

What made me ask was this article. A 12 year old boy starts college which is really cool! But I wondered how he proved his graduation?


    I was home schooled though high school. I have my diploma, it is through the school that I went through for high school. There are SO many ways you can do it. Some home schooling programs offer a diploma, some offer a 12 year completion certificate and then you can get your GED. I think it is a lot easier now though because there are a lot of online charter schools and most of them yo u get your diploma through them. But as far as I know it's just like when you go to school, whatever school you are in the diploma comes from them and whatever state and school district they are in.
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