Walking Dead, do you watch it?

I just started watching this series on Netflix. I didn't think I would like it, but I really do! I'm still in the first season but there's not a single character that I would like as a person, but I do like as characters on the show.

Are you watching this too?

    My husband watched most of it a few months ago, and I would catch an episode here and there. I found it too fatalistic for me, though. I sometimes have to stop watching shows that make me sad. Mad Men was one, and Dexter. Very good, well-written shows, as is The Walking Dead, but I will become a depressed lump unable to stop mulling over them, so I have to cut them.
      I've never watched it. I'm positive I won't like it. Lol just the name is too much for me. Lol
        I haven't had time to follow a series for a while, but hubby likes to watch it when he can. I'm a big fan of dark shows.
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