How did you end up with your pets?

My two cats were both rescues of a sort.

Tish came to me through a Craigslist ad. The lady that had her couldn't keep her because of some life issues she was dealing with (her daughter was very ill) and so needed to rehome her. I fell in love and she came home with me. She's been my little shadow ever since.

Luna was in a family of kittens my friend found by a dumpster. I didn't really want another cat, one was enough for me. My daughter convinced me, so we did it.

Luna was so tiny when we got her. Probably not even a month old. We took her to the vet because she had very loose bowels. Turns out she had worms and also needed probiotics on her food.

She's a big fat pig now, and still has a bit of a sensitive stomach. She's also a total baby.

How did you end up with your pets?

    We just have a fish that we got from the pet store.
      One cat came from the pound, the other was found in the neighborhood and the person who she belonged to said we could just keep her. :)
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