If your child asked which foreign language they should take...

In high school most kids have to take foreign language. Depending on the type of diploma they are going for they may only have to take a year or they may be required to take up to four years.

If your child wanted advice on which language to take what would your advice be? I told my daughter to take Latin since she wants to go into the medical field and it could be useful to her. Lots of medical terms are Latin.

Which one would you suggest to your child?

    Around here in public school they offer German, French or Spanish. Our first choice would be Spanish because the paternal heritage. But I've always wanted to learn German. I lost most of my Spanish knowledge because I quit using it-my ex forbid me to speak it. I was fluent when I graduated high school.
      I would suggest Latin as well.. It helps in so many other fields--English, medicine, history. Learning language structure is also important and can aid in the future, and Latin is notorious for its structure.
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