The Work at Home Mom - SKETCH MOMENT

Do you ever feel like you need to step back and look at how you are holding yourself?

I agreed with my husband to put my work on hold and if I do have any freelance work - work AFTER kids are in bed or during nap time. Sadly I've been sleeping during nap time as well. So tonight I was excited to finally start a project. A bug had gotten let in from the previous time my dog came in from bedtime potty break. I was trying so hard to concentrate even though ADD and a long legged bug dancing around my living room floor did NOT help.

Luckily my husband was falling asleep watching Star Trek - Voyager (Yes we are a nerd family) and was not paying attention to my intensive expressions of trying to act normal. After one part of my project was finished I .. *clear throat* asked him to kill the dancing bug. He ended up calling the puppy to kill the bug then I heard, "Good puppy!" looking up to find a dog proud of himself and getting a lot of praise for his good behavior. Sadly we praised too loudly and woke up our older son. More Star Trek and cuddles then calling it bed time so that the caricatures in my project don't look as tired as I do. <3

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