Body image issues post pregnancy and how to get over it.

It takes time .. I added close to 45 pounds by the end of the third trimester. While some women swing back to their normal size I looked like a deflated balloon after giving birth, felt like I was living in someone else's body. My waist line, my face to my water filled body everything made me feel like this is jus not me. I felt so weak, tired and fatigued due to my c section. It made me stay away from mirrors also I rarely went shopping or wore tight clothes, on top of that I was sleep deprived and learning the ropes of motherhood was so over whelming. Post 3 months I naturally lost close to 12 pounds and after that I decided to get fit. Started making my lifestyle as active as possible biking ,enrolled in baby and me exercise clubs, started running with baby jogger, went hiking with baby hike pad, stayed on my feet while playing with my baby, made it a point to walk everywhere from pools to grocery shops, late night aggressive DVD abs work out to long stroller walks in the evenings and most of all nutritious diets filled with veggies, protein and good carbs. I haven't had junk food in 6+ months and rarely eat anything sweet or high in calories. Got back to my normal weight at month 8 but my aim is to get leaner than I ever was. I have signed up for 5/10 mile run in september/ November and yoga classes till October. I think it's great to have an active lifestyle and if there's anything you learn living in California it's how important body image and fitness is in shaping us up from inside , cause the better we feel about who we are the better we can make others feel about who they are.