Creative ways to decorate a big kids bedroom?

I am feeling like I am lacking creativity here. Bubs room is so plain. He has a few posters up but as far as decoration, that's it.

How did you decorate your big kids bedroom? Did you go for a theme, or did they think they were too old for that?

    i have a big kids room to decorate now lol. What I am thinking is let them pick a color or theme.. You can buy those decals now that don't mess with the paint. When I get ready to redo their room or the nursery, then I will let them pick a character or a color and go from there. Honestly, as I'm typing this, I'm thinking color or two and then those decals, because the decals can always be removed as they get older and grow out of a character a lot easier than the paint can be painted over.
      I like rooms that are decorated with patterns, like polka dots or stripes. I do like themed rooms too. I saw a big kid room on Pinterest that had maps as a theme, including a big map you could use push pins with on the wall. The other decor was also travel related.
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