Public versus Private school, thoughts?

Most of our experiences with public schools have been very good. I am considering a private school for Bub that works with kids on the autism spectrum, but if he were neurotypical I don't think I would look into private schooling.

Which would you choose for your child, and why?

    Mark goes to Christian private school and so far he likes it except their lunches. I like that his school is K-12 so no transfer between school is needed. The environment and teachers are great. As far as education level, it's hard to tell because he is only in 5th grade. As my understanding they focus more on middle and high school academic program to prepare them for college/university.
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        I plan to homeschool my kids, but as for my thoughts on public vs private... I think it varies widely even in both categories. One thing I wouldn't suggest though is going from a private school who is on a completely different plan than a public school then transferring. My husband did this as a child, and school was very difficult from that point forward... he was always struggling to catch up.
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