What is your child's favorite meal to eat?

My son goes through phases of what he enjoys to eat. However, the starchy foods always appeal to his liking and we try not to have too much starch in our regimen. Although his taste buds change and sometimes no longer enjoys certain meals as he had, he still enjoys rice with beans (I'll shred or small chop meat/protein into it), or some cheesy pasta. He always loved mashed potatoes, but still cheesy anything makes him happy. We are all cheese heads in this house lol! :-) How about your child/children?

    Tristens favorite meal has always hands down been meatloaf! He will eat it until it looks like his belly will explode. I'm pretty fortunate that there are very few things that he doesn't like. He pretty much just loves food in general as long as I don't give him Mac N Cheese...he hates it.
    I know right! It's one of my favorite foods. We had it last night and he just mushed his on his plate.
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