What does your child/children do that makes you laugh or smile?

Our little ones change so much everyday and their developing personalities are so cute sometimes all we can do is chuckle or smile, or sometimes just crack up. What does your child do that brings this happiness to you?
Every time we leave somewhere./ someone / something we have taught our son to say "See you soon" Although he can be very shy at times, when in the car or just as were depart our ways usually just in the presence of Daddy or I, my son will say "See You Soon" to everything. "See you soon dog", "See you soon Computer", "See you soon Super Why", "See You soon trucksy", "See You soon (names)" all followed by "Miss You". I can't help but smile. He'll say it as we leave the grocery store too "See you soon HEB", "See You soon Cart" and to the buddy bucks machine inside.."See you soon Bucksy" As to some things he adds a "y to the end.

    My sweet baby girl will say Uh Oh every time we or she drops something. It is so cute how she says it and I can't get enough!! Also, we have been teaching her sign language and it's amazing how she catches on so quickly. My mom was sitting on the couch with her feeding her a snack and went to give her a sip, and MC just looked at mom(Nana) and signed "wait" because she wasn't finished swallowing her snack. It was so funny.
      Awww, I can just imagine that. That's super adorable. I see why that'd bring a grin to your face.
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