Something I never thought I'd say...

There are so many phrases I never thought I would udder...Then I had kids..
'don't take the food out of the dog's mouth!'
'Don't eat that!!! You just took it from the dog!!!'
'Oh well....guess it's a good thing dogs have clean mouths...'
(those three usually follow each other)
'Well if you wouldn't eat food off the floor you wouldn't get hair in your mouth!'
'If you sit on the cat, the cat is going to scratch you.'
'If you pull the cat by the tail, she's going to get mad. You want me to pull you by the tail?' (That was followed by, but I don't have a tail mom! alec)
...Just found a new one....
'Don't do a head stand on the baby's hand! You'll hurt her!' (Who knew a two year old could do a head stand?)

What are some of the things you never thought would come out of your mouth?

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    LOL I know! We turn into our mothers!!
      'Take your hands out of the toilet.'
      oh yes! I've uttered that one too many times.
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