More back to school shopping

I took Emily to get some new clothes today, she wasn't happy about having to try on a bunch of clothes but she really needed them. She kept telling me she would be fine with the clothes she has and likes having holes in her jeans. I told her that I'm not buying her jeans that have holes in them so she finally picked out some jeans, then tried on a few tops and we were on our way. Is having holes in your jeans popular now or something? I can't figure out why she wants to have jeans with holes in them. After that I took the rest of the kids to lunch at McDonald's, it seems like any time I let the kids choose where to eat they always pick McDonald's. Then I stopped at Staples and picked up some more school supplies I think we're done getting school supplies now but still need to get some more clothes. I hate waiting till the last minute to do things and don't want to wait until it's almost time to go back to school to get their supplies and clothes.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
    9Michelle Fritch
    I just wanted to get everything done now and not wait. They are still in their summer clothes but now have more clothes on hand.
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