Help for getting pregnant--supplements edition.

I go crazy with supplements when I'm trying to conceive, because so far that's the only thing that works for me. Here are a few I use:

Evening Primrose Oil- until ovulation, helps with cervical mucus

Fertilitea- It contains Vitex (Chasteberry) which helps with ovulation and the cycle. It also has other herbs and seems to SIGNIFICANTLY boost my libido.

Soy Isoflavones- big does, five days in the beginning of the cycle. Helps with ovulation.

I also give hubby high dose Vitamin C, and selenium which helps with sperm numbers and motility.

What do you use when you're trying to get pregnant? Super foods? Vitamins?

    Those are good tips, I'm wondering if you know of anything to help the pregnancy stick? I seem to have no trouble ovulating, but can't seem to stay pregnant...
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