Melatonin for kids?

Have you ever given melatonin to a child who was having a hard time sleeping?

I have given it to my son one time because he was going on a few days of not sleeping much. I knew he needed sleep and I also knew something in him was fighting sleep. He took it and he did sleep, although not much more than he had been. Where he'd been getting about five hours a night he got 7, which was an improvement but not a drastic one.

Have you ever used melatonin or given it to your child?

    I haven't, but I would. As long as you don't use it constantly, I think it's a great, natural solution.
      I use it a lot of nights to sleep. It works so well for me. It helps me sleep but if the kid wakes up I am still able to get up with him and not get drowsy. If I don't take it I'm up by 4 every morning...if I even sleep at all.
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