Detecting autism in babies

So moms with children of autism, when did you detect your child had autism? The following article mentions joint attention connection which should occur by a year and could indicate a baby has autism. Just wondering what your experience was and if their findings are on par with your experience.…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Actually,I/we don't have any real kids;only a dog.But,I've heard that if the kid doesn't make eye contact fairly often,there could be a problem.LE
      Thanks for inviting me to the discussion but my daughter does not have autism.
      8Theresa Gould
      Do you have concerns? What did your doctor say?
        I don't have any experience with autism but, one of my friends told me she didn't realize her son had autism till he didn't meet the child development milestones.
          Hello Theresa,

          I apologize for just responding to your message, but I'm just seeing it. Autism has become a main concern for parents who take notice to the fact their child may not be developing as we believe they should. Members of my family thought my youngest son might have autism because he wasn't meeting the milestones for his age. Although I did not believe my son had autism, I had him tested based on the fact that he did show some signs. Praise to the good Lord, he did not have autism but he was found to have (DD) Developmental Delay. One thing I have learned through the process of learning of my son's disability is how easily a child can be misdiagnosed. Some children will be late learning to talk,walk, or even develop social skills. This can easily be mistaken for autism. It is important to us as parents to make sure our children are being diagnosed correctly and properly. The best thing to do is research your child's symptoms and make sure that your child is tested early on. Early detection of autism can prevent your child from having a long term disability.
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