Did you do anything differently with your second child?

Curious to know if you did anything differently with your second child after your first? Or even subsequent children?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    8Theresa Gould
    I did in regards to how I nursed my second and I didn't put my infant on a strict schedule due to having milk supply issues with my first. My second child in regards to personality, etc. is much more compliant than our first so we did parent her a bit differently just because she did not test us as much as our first. The same pretty much goes for the rest too. We've had to adjust according to personalities etc.
      I'm not there yet, but I'm interested to hear from moms who have been? Did you do things differently with each child?
        When i had my second child it was easier. i knew exactly what to do. But with my second child it was different cause he had a disability so it was more intense and more to do, so i had more appointments to go to and more information i had to get regarding his disability and till this day i am still learning more things i still have to do for him so it never ends.
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