Teen eating disorders

In your opinion, what causes an eating disorder in teenagers? Is it the desire to be very thin? Is it the desire to be in control of something if they feel out of control in other areas? Is it something that comes from bad habits learned from peers?

Did you or anyone you know suffer from an eating disorder as a teen? What helped them/you? Do you think it is possible to fully recover from, or do people always struggle with an eating disorder, even in remission?

I'd love your thoughts on the topic.

    I have experienced an eating disorder. For me, true, the thinness was enticing, but it was an outs ide sign of my CONTROL. It was a method for me to have full control over something, to see visible results of that control. There is also a very tightknit eating disorder community, complete with symbols. Though it is not always the case, of course, whenever I see a very, very thin girl with a red beaded bracelet, I assume she is anorexic and there is a silent aknowledgment. My peers had nothing to do with it for me, as almost no one knew and I wasn't very social at the time.

    I think it may be possible to fully recover. I still have twinges of intense desire to have that control and the strength and confidence that comes with knowing I contain that sort of willpower. I also miss the thigh gap.

    But, it's not healthy and I understand that.

    It's akin to quitting smoking to me... I usually don't think about wanting a smoke or a fast day unless something triggers me--being upset, feeling like life is out of control, seeing a thigh gap or a red bracelet, smelling smoke.... The power is a addictive and a route I'd wish on no one.
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