Sex after giving birth...

The few things that I've seen on here so far have been from women that have mostly waited at least the 6 weeks mark or longer to have sex after giving birth. Any experiences with going for it sooner than that? My little one is almost 4 weeks old, and my husband and I just started easing into things again. (When I was discharged from the hospital they didn't tell me a specific time frame to wait. From what I'd heard from people I'd been told around the 6 week mark. But, we just went on how I felt and when I was up to trying it. Then again, I didn't have to have any stitches or anything.)

    If you are feeling fine then go ahead and give it a try. Make sure to use plenty of lubrication and take it slow. If it hurts it is ok to stop and not keep going. Good luck and have fun!
      Thanks so much for the feedback ladies! :)
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