Jaundice in Newborns

I just saw an expertise page on formula and bilirubin. If you are exclusively breastfeeding, your breast milk will keep more colostrum (that first yellowy milk) in it until your baby gets over the jaundice. Your body can sense when baby is sick and changes your breastmilk to help. Colostrum is a laxative for babes, so they poop more and get it out of their system.

I learned that with my youngest and just wanted to share. With my second they scared me into supplementing with formula and he got so sick and the jaundice just got worse. I listened to a lactation consultant who said to stop supplementing and just nurse, nurse, nurse. Once the formula was out, the jaundice was gone in two days. He battled for two weeks with me supplementing.

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The sunlight helps a lot, but the new windows in new houses filter out the good sunlight. I don't know what I'm going to do when we can afford new windows. We still have old windows....very old windows lol.
    Thank you SO much for this information! TWICE this had happened to me! I was in the hospital with the baby under lights, pumping, because they said the formula would get the jaundice out faster, and yes it made it worse! Never again! I'll keep breast feeding this time! They were actually trying to convince me that my breast milk was making it worse, that it was common. She actually had a name for it, and I can't remember it now!?! Yikes!!
    I've heard of that. They tried telling me that too. My son reached a level of 15 before it went back down. My nephew got up to 20 which put him under the lights. I honestly don't remember where I read this at, but I do remember she had cited sources from well known doctors. Dr.Jack Newman is a great breastfeeding advocate and teacher-he learned everything he knows from his wife and paying attention to his patients. My last baby was a 6 and the hospital wanted to put her under the lights, i had to sign papers that said I refused treatment and was scared to death they would call CPS. The nurses were pushing, the on call pediatrician came and asked me, I had printed off the article to read while I was there so I gave it to her. She put a note on the bassinet to not use the lights. She had never heard that breast milk changed if baby has jaundice.
    I am still on the fence whether doctors and nurses know better, or whether they are clueless and going off textbooks.
    The common treatment for jaundice used to be to put them beside a window with nothing but a diaper and let them sun bathe, but with the new windows blocking out the good rays it does no good. Leafy greens ate later on in pregnancy is supposed to help.
      Yeah, Jocelyn was a 20, and I couldn't hold her, they were ready to transfer her to Boston if it got any highter. I'll definitely do my research to print it out, so I can bring it in, just in case. It is scary as heck to go against the nurses/Dr.s orders, but I do think you are right about them going by text book at times! My mum said I was so orange, (back in the 70's) they told her to feed me more, and put me in the sunlight..It worked. I am so happy I ran into this! I have been stressing out about this, I want to breast feed, not suppliment...Funny, (or not) two nurses told me to pump and dump, while other nurses said to store it. One Dr. told me lights right away, but the covering Dr said they put her in too early. All the while they are naming this new jaundice?! No one was on the same page...While they talk it out, I guess I'll be nursing my baby, lol!
        Here's a good article from Dr. Newman.
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