fabulous day

Today was so nice! The weather is rainy, but my house's temperature was so cooool. It was a nice feeling when you won't need to feel the sweating. Hopefully, it will keep up until the new part arrives.

I have a question for you guys. I am debating about when I can start to train my son to sleeping the toddler bed as we are trying for 2nd baby. Any opinions or suggestions on when I can start to train my son to sleep on the toddler bed.

    I love rainy cool days... I don't know about switching to toddler bed, but the other mamas on this site are good at giving advice on such things!
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      Thanks for the advice. My son haven't learn how to climb out of the crib yet. He is figuring how to climb out of the crib now. He is a great climber as he had been climbing over the place since he was born.

      We are trying to use same crib for 2nd baby and that's why we are trying to figure out when is good time to train him to sleep on the toddler bed. He likes to sleep in open than cooped up in the crib.

      However, your advice does make sense and I will keep this thoughts in my mind when it is closer to the decision that we need to make. :-)
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