Hi Mommies! Im due in October and I recently started to read about the risks of immunizations. Anyone have anything to share on the topic. I am for it, but there is some scary info out there... Thanks

Thank you. What do you think about immunizations and the link to autism, that is being said...
    It's a personal choice you will have to fight for it at every visit. You don't have to do it on their schedule that is the normal before babies have a chance to get a good immune system developed, you can do it on a delayed schedule.
      Just read the other comments.. I am trying my best to not get argumentative because I do get argumentative very easy about this subject. I believe there is a link to autism. More vaccines (I think it's around 30 now compared to half a dozen or so 20 years ago) with harmful ingredients poison the body and the brain resulting in injuries. And the government protects vaccine manufacturers from being sued because of it. We got all of our information off the CDC, FDA and WHO websites. The CDC lists the ingredients.
      I've heard that too, according to the CDC and the labels, it's still in there-we go by the labels, personally. For us, it's not just the mercury, it's also other ingredients, along with our son getting sick from a vaccine. If we were ever to be forced to have vaccines, we would do it on a delayed schedule. But I pray that won't ever be the case.

      I have had more than one doctor flat out tell me not give my kids certain vaccines, or that other vaccines don't do a bit of good. Those comments make me research, and the first two websites I check are and the CDC website. will show you the box and then transcribe what the box says. I've also asked to see the boxes before giving my kids any medicine whether it's from a pharmacy or doctor.
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