No matter what i do my 2 year old keeps getting head lice. My bf and i dont have it and we have washed and vacuumed everything. We have even taken all of her stuffed animals and put them in trash bags for a few weeks. I have been using this Lice killing shampoo but it dont seem to be working. I dont know what else to do!!!

    Anything cloth can have eggs, pillow, mattress, curtains, toys, etc. Go through everything you can think of.
      Sometimes it is very hard to get rid of. You have to make sure you get everything. Do the lice shampoo and then two weeks do it again. Make sure you use a not comb and do super small sections of hair to get the nits out. If you have pets treat the pets as well. Wash EVERYTHING in hot water...vacuum the whole house and the car. And you may have to do it everyday for several weeks. I hate to say it because I know she is young but lice do not like colored hair. Even if you do a clear gloss color with a mild developer it will help them leave her alone. That is a last resort and if you have to go that route just be careful.
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